Looking for an interactive, motivating, entertaining speaker for your event?
Tony Morris delivering his keynote speech

why Book Tony?

Credible and relatable

Having had success in sales since the age of 18, Tony knows what most sales professionals go through on a daily basis and shares stories in such a manner that your entire audience will find themselves nodding their head throughout his entire talk. Having written 5 books on sales, the first a best seller, Tony is a genuine expert in the art of selling.

Engaging and humorous

Tony’s style is very light hearted and amusing; he makes learning fun and memorable and articulates his messages in an easy to digest manner.

Practical and Actionable

Your audience will have practical take-aways that they can implement immediately to get instant results. This was reinforced by Jonathan Lovelle, MD of Lovelle estate agents. Jonathan utilised one of Tony’s techniques after he delivered at the Lovelle conference and won a valuation which resulted in business.

Not just a speaker

As well as delivering a 45-minute keynote, Tony can MC your conference and he can deliver a masterclass on a specific sales subject. This is all part of your investment.

In a safe pair of hands

Tony will liaise with your AV Team the night before the conference to ensure everything runs smoothly. Tony turns up early and leaves late and is always happy to speak with delegates afterwards to answers any questions they have.

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