What Tony's clients Say

67% of prospects hang up on a cold call; when its executed the wrong way

Michaela Sams

Tony Morris has just spoken at our conference, he has absolutely left everybody speechless, stepped everything up a gear

Michaela Sams – Strategic Projects Manager at Lovelle Estate Agency
Will Polston

I was absolutely blown away by Tony’s Charisma, his ability to hold an audience and his attention to detail

Will Polston at Evolve Mastermind
Rob Price

Our conversion rate has gone from 60% to 80% overnight, literally cannot recommend Tony enough

Rob Price – Managing Director at Homes at Home
Claudia Armstead

We’ve seen immediate boosts in sales with some of our agents.. one agent has become one of the top 5 sellers in Barcelona

Claudia Armstead – Head of Development at Lucas Fox
Jan Jakobsen

Today we had Tony Morris inspiring us all on how to become Killer Salespeople, to engage with customers and meet their needs

Jan Jakobsen – Head of Flight Sales and Airshoppen at Thomas Cook
Chris Allen

I am very happy to recommend Tony to any other professional businesses, but obviously not the lawyers

Chris Allen – Managing Partner at Blacks Solicitors
Dan McLeod

Tony has helped us look at individuals and helped get the most from them

Dan McLeod – Director of Atkinson McLeod – London Estate Agents
Claire Tuffin

One of the things I was particularly impressed with, with Tony is that he really does demonstrate what he’s talking about in Theory

Claire Tuffin – Managing Director of VMA Search and Selection
Paul Woodland

I have managed to turnover £500,000 within my first 6 months and I would put part of that down to the training Tony has given

Paul Woodland – Senior Sales Consultant at David Phillips Furniture
Nathan Farrugia

The way that Tony delivers is excellent and keeps everyone engaged. It’s theoretical and practical, people left with stuff that they can work on

Nathan Farrugia – Founder & CEO of UP – Insights, Coaching, Training

Success Stories

Car leasing client

2nd largest in the UK


I increased their conversions from telephone/ web enquires into customers from 7% to 19%


The cost per lead was too high and the teams were wasting too many leads.


I created a new call structure and trained the 100 strong sales team on how to execute it. I carried out mystery calls and used my P.I.M (Positive/ Improvement/ Missed) to help the teams critique their calls effectively.

Estate agency client

market leader in their towns


Their lettings valuers were converting at 53% from valuation to instruction and having to drop their fees. Within 12 weeks, they converted at 68% and increased their fully managed fees from 11% to 14%


The team were losing too many instructions and the fees had dropped by too much, which significantly reduced their bottom line.


I conducted a 2-day training course, where Day 1 I acted as a landlord and recorded 6 valuations. On Day 2 I delivered My 3 P’s to a valuation.

Insurance client

2nd biggest in the World


They were having to match their competitors’ prices to secure the business. After training, they were able to hold their price and increase conversions by 9%.


The team were having to reduce their margins on each quote, just to win the client. Their conversions had reduced from enquiry to customer as well.


I conducted a 1 day training course, teaching the teams how to articulate their value and negotiate more effectively.


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ask better questions and get better results

Tony is a conversion strategist, author of 5 books, working with organisations and leaders to ask better questions and get better results.

He brings actionable, practical, real-life techniques that the audience can implement the day after your event and get instant results. Tony conducts LIVE SALES CALLS on stage, to the audiences dream prospects, to demonstrate techniques he teaches.

With over 25 years of success in sales working at the top level, Tony has developed his sales methodology, ‘The A.S.K Philosophy Principles’, where he helps organisations and leaders Attract the right prospects, Solve their biggest challenges and Keep them for Life. Tony has proven his methodology is applicable across every vertical, having helped organisations and clients across 62 industries.

Tony helps Sales leaders, and Sales professionals of all levels, both B2B and B2C; working with them to increase their conversion rates, improve their morale and increase their productivity.

The outcome of this is, organisations and clients see tangible results and numeric improvement in their customers’ average order value, increase in their bottom line and the transformation of customers into raving fans, that will recommend them for years to come.