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81% of sales happen after 7 or more interactions

Coffee’s for Closers

Available in Paperback, and Kindle
Mr. Niraj Kapur
Excellent sales book - highly recommended
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Coffee’s For Closers has great energy and even better advice. After 24 years in sales, I still learned a lot from Tony. My favourite chapters were on telephone selling and lead generation. Packed with common sense tips and wonderful storytelling, Tony is what more salespeople should aspire to. Highly recommended everyone buys Coffee’s For Closers.

In the current marketplace it’s key to always be on the top of your game: on every sales opportunity. This book contains hundreds of practical ideas and real like techniques that can help you: – Prospect more effectively with key decision makers. – GAIN MORE REFERRALS. – Built rapport and be adaptable. – HANDLE EVERY OBJECTION. Close more business over the phone and in the field. – MANAGE YOUR TIME MORE EFFECTIVELY. This book is perfectly suited for sales professionals, sales managers, sales directors and business owners that want to consistently stay one step ahead of the competition.

Dear Sales Doctor

Available in Paperback, and Kindle
The Selling Bible!!!! - GREAT
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Another great book from Tony Morris, I found this book very helpful and it really does teach you everything you need to know about selling. After reading Coffee for Closers I hit my sales target for the first time in 7 months. However Dear Sales Doctor focuses on the questions most sales people have. This is a must buy for any serious sales people out there

Here are 66 powerful sales tips based on actual questions asked by readers of my columns in the Evening Standard, Talk Business, Sales Initiative, The Winning Edge (The magazine for the ISMM) and The Edge (The magazine for the ILM). Whether you are a ‘hunter’ and searching for new business, or a ‘farmer’ (account manager); a sales manager or director, if you are in sales, this book gives you practical ideas and answers that you can put straight into practice over the phone or face to face, and achieve better results immediately.

The Perfect Sales Call

Available in Paperback, and Kindle
Mr. C Porthcawl
Amazing a must read for anyone in sales.
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After reading this book I learnt a great deal from Tony. As a professional trainer within telephone sales I found his insights and advice a great help to develop and increase my own skill set. Well done Tony a fantastic book and a very practical improvement tool to have within sales.
If you ever use the telephone to make a sales call, whether it’s calling an existing customer or a prospective customer, this book is ideal for you. It’s a workbook that has been designed in a way that assists you with each part of the sales call. It takes you through every stage of the call and illustrates with countless examples, whilst providing you with the space to write the relevant words suited to your product/ service. This book will provide you with every element of how to be best prepared for a call and the information you’ll require before picking the phone up, which will significantly increase your chances of success. This is the ideal ‘how to’ guide for sales professionals at any level and it will dramatically increase the number of appointments you generate or sales you make over the telephone.

The Perfect Sales Meeting

Available in Paperback, and Kindle
Great tips. A great way to prepare for your sales meeting
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As an estate agent, conveyancer, NLP coach and business owner I get asked to pitch a lot and to help others sell too. Tony's book is great reminder of how simple selling can actually be. Prepare and take all the right steps. If you wanted to, it's so concise that you could read it as a refresh before your next sales meeting. 5 stars because I'm going to buy extra copies for my team. They will get a lot from it.

Developing a strong and mutually rewarding customer relationship depends on your ability to drive the sales process through highly relevant and purposeful meetings. In this digital age, adding value through face to face contact is more vital and valuable than ever as a way to really stand out and differentiate yourself and your business.

Learning to conduct perfect sales meetings isn’t always easy, yet Tony Morris has both the personal sales experience and the sales training credentials to share the secrets of success with you, helping you make the most of every opportunity.

Tony Morris is the Founder of TMI Training Academy, an organisation dedicated to improving sales results for its clients. TMI Training Academy has trained sales people in over 150 companies, achieving results such as increasing referrals by over 65% and conversion rates by over 40%.

Estate of Mind​

Available in Paperback, and Kindle
Amazing a must read for anyone in sales.
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If you work in property, then you shouldn't even question whether buying or not this book. It will simply double your commission! Tony is a great professional, down to hearth and extremely funny. It was a pleasure to meet him. The book is full of useful advice that you will use straight away to increase your deals. So just read it. No way you can be disappointed!

You can’t sell someone a property – people will have to make their own decision whether they think it’s right for them in the end. After all, for many people this is the biggest investment of their life. The key question to think about is, what’s your role in this decision? To be a world class negotiator your role is to help facilitate, support, guide, advise, inform, educate and only then will you have gained the applicant’s trust to be able to influence and persuade them.

In the 20 years that Tony Morris has spent working in the sales profession, he has worked with over 5,000 negotiators, from the largest estate agents with over 1300 branches to family owned agencies with one branch. Across this great breadth and depth of experience, the consistent top performing negotiators have the identical characteristics which are shared within this book – you only have to choose if you’re willing to take them on board, to reach new heights in your agency career. You can only take a horse to water, as the saying goes.

ask better questions and get better results

Tony is a conversion strategist, author of 5 books, working with organisations and leaders to ask better questions and get better results.

He brings actionable, practical, real-life techniques that the audience can implement the day after your event and get instant results. Tony conducts LIVE SALES CALLS on stage, to the audiences dream prospects, to demonstrate techniques he teaches.

With over 25 years of success in sales working at the top level, Tony has developed his sales methodology, ‘The A.S.K Philosophy Principles’, where he helps organisations and leaders Attract the right prospects, Solve their biggest challenges and Keep them for Life. Tony has proven his methodology is applicable across every vertical, having helped organisations across 62 industries.

Tony helps Sales leaders, and Sales professionals of all levels, both B2B and B2C; working with them to increase their conversion rates, improve their morale and increase their productivity.

The outcome of this is, organisations see tangible results and numeric improvement in their customers’ average order value, increase in their bottom line and the transformation of customers into raving fans, that will recommend them for years to come.

Paul Woodland

I have managed to turnover £500,000 within my first 6 months and I would put part of that down to the training Tony has given

Paul Woodland – Senior Sales Consultant at David Phillips Furniture
Nathan Farrugia

The way that Tony delivers is excellent and keeps everyone engaged. It’s theoretical and practical, people left with stuff that they can work on

Nathan Farrugia – Founder & CEO of UP – Insights, Coaching, Training


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